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World Diver Instrument Black

Our travel-focused dive watch, engineered to meet the demands of recreational divers, explorers, and world travelers. Explore with confidence.



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Technical Data

  • Who is ARETHUSA?
    ARETHUSA is an American boutique watch brand founded by product designer and mechanical engineer Ethan Stansbury. Ethan's passions for travel and diving merged with a love for engineering and design to create a company focused on timepieces for modern explorers and travelers. All our watches are 100% designed, tested and quality controlled in Durham, North Carolina. Read more about the founding story on our About Us page. HMS Arethusa (hull 26) was a WWII-era light cruiser in the Royal Navy, aboard which Ethan's grandfather served as an officer. The ship saw significant action during the war, including at Sword beach on D-Day, and was nearly sunk in the Mediterranean near Malta. The resiliance and mettle of the ship and her crew embody the venerable spirit of the ARETHUSA name, and equally reflects the robust design and quality which we put into all of our timepieces. Read more...
  • What is forged carbon?
    Forged Carbon is an exotic material first developed for use in motorsports. "Carbon fiber" usually refers to a carbon fiber weave, where layers of carbon fibers are woven into a lattice pattern, impregnated with resin, and then cured. Forged carbon differs from woven carbon fiber in that the carbon strands are randomly oriented, creating a unique visual appearance and making the strength of forged carbon less dependent on the direction of the load applied. In short, it's light, strong, and at the cutting edge of material science. Shop the forged carbon collection
  • What is an 'automatic' watch?
    An automatic movement is a mechanically powered watch movement that is kept energized by the action of the wearer’s wrist. An oscillating weight (rotor) pivots freely around a central spindle, and each revolution winds the mainspring (energy source), building the power reserve (41 hours, in the case of the ARETHUSA World Diver). The escapement mechanism regulates the rate at which the main spring unwinds, and this is how the movement keeps time. The Seiko NH35A automatic movement in the World Diver SC001 is comprised of over 70 parts and the smallest of these is no thicker than a human hair (0.07mm). All of these mechanical components work together to keep accurate time and creating the sweeping second effect rather than the ticking of a quartz movement. While automatic movements are generally less accurate than a quartz movement (by a few seconds per day), an automatic is the ultimate expression of a love for mechanics, horology (the study of watches and watchmaking) and tradition.
  • How do I use a "World Time" bezel?
    We're glad you asked, you can find all the details here:
  • How do I get my ARETHUSA serviced?
    We recommend Seiko Authorized Service Centers for all routine servicing needs. We can also recommend a local watch repair shop near you, just drop us a line and ask for service support. If you are having problems with an ARETHUSA timepiece, please first review the troubleshooting FAQ and then contact us if you need additional support.
  • Troubleshooting common issues...
    My watch stopped running after a few days, what should I do? All ARETHUSA watches have automatic-winding and hacking functionality. Please give your watch a shake or unscrew the crown to the first position and hand-wind the mainspring to build the power reserve and restart your watch. If you are unsuccessful, please contact us for service support. My watch has some condensation inside the crystal, what should I do? The most common cause of this issue is an open or partially unscrewed crown. Please make sure the crown is full screwed down and seated before exposing your watch to the elements. If you have small amounts of condensation inside the watch, leave it face up in the sun for 2-4 hours with the crown open. If you can see liquid water or droplets forming inside the watch, please contact your local watchmaker or drop us a line via the Contact Us page.
  • What is your returns policy?
    Please visit our Warranty and Returns page.
  • What is your shipping policy?
    Please see our shipping policy page.
  • Where is ARETHUSA based?
    We are proudly based in Durham, North Carolina in the United States.

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The Story

From the summit of Colorado's Rocky Mountains to the depths of the Pacific, the World Diver has been designed and tested for the modern explorer. Rugged durability stems from a 316L surgical stainless steel case and sapphire crystal, establishing robust protection for the Seiko NH35A movement within and water resistance to 200m. Additionally, the dual dive and "World Time" tracks of the ceramic bezel are filled with BGW9 Super-LumiNova® for red eye flights and expeditions after sundown.

World Time Bezel - Lumed Ceramic

The bezel features both dive and world time tracks, the latter enabling quick determination of the local time anywhere around the globe. Turn the bezel to align your current time zone with the position of the hour hand and read any city's local time from the dial. The (+/-) signs indicate the relative time difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), represented by the triangle pip at 12:00.

Admiral Blue

The ARETHUSA name honors the Second World War era Royal Navy warship HMS Arethusa. This resilient light cruiser saw heavy action during the Malta convoys and D-Day. The Admiral Blue dial honors ARETHUSA's maritime roots with a dark blue sunburst effect, like sunlight shimmering through the ocean deep.


With 200 meters of water resistance and a sturdy build, the World Diver is more than capable in adverse conditions. Swim, dive, and explore with confidence!